a burb for journallers who don't obsess over every little detail. 
Our mission: updating our journals
Our goal: as quickly as possible.
Our reason: no time, or is it pure laziness?  Only we know for sure. 

Rules, although only a few are here.

Are you a S/G/U?  Do you want to be?  Do you have the 30 seconds to  email me  ?

Include your URL, NAME, SITE NAME, and A QUOTE (witty or not, it's up to you, baby, yeah.)

The Journallers of S/G/U:  A   B   C     E  G   I  J   K   L   M   N  R   S   T    V

     Alvin :: Water Lilly Alley
     "Spit, Glance, Upload, life in the Alley."

     Bek Oberlin :: I'm Not Done Yet
     "I might have problems and troubles but I'm Not Done Yet!"

     Beth :: The Danish Outpost
     "Damn, the keyboard gets wet this way..."

     Bev :: Funny The World
     "I spit, glance and upload 'cause I'm too lazy to do it any other way."

      Carol : : Suicide Blonde

     Chrome :: Chrome
     "I'm not seeking attention. I'm seeking gold bullion."

     Cindy :: Kismet
     "No filter between brain and fingers."
     Columbine :: Eccentric Flower
     "If I stopped to think about it, I'd realize it doesn't make sense."

     Courtney :: my puzzle called life
     "I don't like diet Dr. Pepper or regular Dr. Pepper."

      Emmeke :: Butterflies are free
     "you have to see all my ranting to really appreciate me..."

     Erin :: Confessions of a 20-Somethin' Goddess

     Gloria :: My Insane Little Life
     "And if you take cranberries and stewed them like applesauce, they'd taste more like prunes than reburb does."

     Gregorio :: Guerilla Movements
     "The percolations are immanent..."

     Ilion :: Reflections in a Dark Glass
     "Sometimes I don't glance."

     Illiana :: Distant Sun
     "I only get one witty one-liner? What a jip!"

     Isabelle Trolio :: Hello Stranger
     "A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet"

     Jason :: Druidic Net
     "Spit, Glance, Upload. I'll never be a porn star with this attitude."

     Jaye :: Everyone's Gone to the Moon
     "First I lost the filter between my brain and my mouth. Now I've lost the one between my brain and the Notepad
     window. What next?"

     Jen :: I Will Rise
     "I'm not witty."

     Jen :: Wah.nu

     Jess :: multicolored
     "i used to resist the spit/glance/upload method, but man, once you start, you can't stop! it's addicting!"

     Jo_ham :: Random Wibbles
     "Be nice to your kids, they pick your retirement home."
        John : : Blahthings
     "Life's too short to wait for graphics to load."

     Josh Burnett :: it's not going to stop
     "sometimes, I don't even glance."

     Journella :: Virtual Notebook
     "If only my fingers would type what I want them to..."

     Kara Leah :: dreamwalk
     "Spitting in Rearview? That could get kinda nasty."

     Lissa :: Crocodiles Optional
     "Sometimes I even spit into the wind. Not that that's a good idea..."

     Lonita :: lonita.net
     "I don't bother with spitting, glancing, and uploading... I writes 'em raw right on the server and hits save!"

        Mad Redhead : : Mad Redhead
      "Sometimes I spit glance and upload twice a day"
     Meghan :: Blurred Lines
     "I was going to start to think about what I was putting up, but I decided to nap instead."

     Molly Zero :: Polygloss
     "Haven't joined a new burb in a year, but Columbine joined yours... so that means I have to apply too!"

     Nayda :: climbing up the walls
     "Sooo good, it has to be illegal. Ta da!"

     Never :: Noise
     "If I don't spit, glance, and upload, it will rot on my hard drive forever."

     Rainy :: RainyDays
     "Someone once said 'beware the lollipop of mediocrity -- lick once and you suck forever'. I licked..."

     Restless :: restlessly...
     "Spontaneity, baby! Spontaneity!!"

     Ricky :: X
     "To be an art critic, all you need is a thesaurus."

     Sean Doyle :: iNk-dOt [dot]com
     "I have to clean my keyboard with an alcohol swab...weekly. That's how much spitting I do. I am the donald duck of the journaling world. haaplllllffff [raspberry]"

     sn00t :: emergency third-rail power trip
     "i don't spit, i SPEW, dammit."

     Somja Streuber :: The Semicolon
     "Every life needs nine cats--or at least one furry smartass like me."

     Stephen :: Steveland
     "Well, technically I upload first and then I glance."

     Suzy :: Fly Away
     "Swallowing is better, oh wait, my journal. Proud to be a spit/glance/uploader."

     the trav :: trav's diary
     "Employees MUST wash hands before returning to work."

     Tizziness :: in pursuit of being real
     "Let me get this straight...I spit, THEN glance, THEN upload... r is it spit THEN upload    THEN glance? Ooh, I'm in a tizzy!

     Travis :: A Moveable Feast

     Violet :: darkviolet.com
     "Sweet merciful crap! Okay, maybe it only makes ME laugh..."